The Call for Papers

Associated with the conference is a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy on Representation and Evaluation. The volume will be comprised of 14–16 entries total, roughly half of which will come from the associated conference. So, we are seeking an additional 7–8 papers for the volume.

Submission Guidelines
Articles (strict 10,000 word maximum) and brief abstracts should be submitted through the Canadian Journal of Philosophy's online system. Submissions must be received by June 15, 2017.

Submission Details
The special issue provides an occasion to explore the role of representation in theories of meaning and mind with special attention to the implications this has for metaethical, or more broadly metanormative, theory. As such, we welcome fresh assessments of the representational purport (or lack thereof) of normative language and thought (e.g., assertions and thoughts concerning oughts, reasons, values, justification and the like). A list of suggestive, but non-exhaustive, topics may be found here.

Additional Information & Contact
Additional information regarding the special issue and associated call for papers, including submission guidelines, may be found at the Canadian Journal of Philosophy. Inquiries may be sent to Matt Bedke (mbedke@mail.ubc.ca) or Stefan Sciaraffa (sciaraf@mcmaster.ca).